How much money would you make if you booked every wedding enquiry that came into your inbox?

A lot, right?!

And would you like me to show you how to do that?

Great, you're in the right place.

This is how it usually goes....



Yippeeee, a wedding enquiry has landed in your inbox. Thank goodness, you've been hoping and praying for this. You're dancing around the room, texting your friends, let the good times roll. The wedding sounds FAB, yay!


Panic sets in

Oh goodness, what should you say (how should you say it?!) You spend an hour writing a response only to delete it all and start again (which takes another hour). You create a proposal in canva which looks great (or does it?!) but you're frazzled and exhausted so you press send and hope with all of your heart they reply.



You sit and stare at your inbox like a dog waiting for a bone.


More silence

Still nothing.

No reply.


Doubt & Fear

Do you chase? Is it rude to ask why they haven't replied? Why aren’t they responding? WHY? Urgh, why is it so hard? It's probably because you were too expensive. Maybe it's because you're not experienced enough. Perhaps they just don't like YOU. This wedding is never going to book you. You're doomed.

You're laughing right now because that's EXACTLY what you do.

(and you'll be relieved to know that I have the solution).

You need more enquiries - right? WRONG!

I hear those 'gurus' telling you that the solution to your problem is to generate more enquiries.

I say NO.

That's more work and I know that you're already working like a crazy person.

The fastest and quickest way to make more money in your wedding business is to:

increase your conversion rate.

What on earth am I talking about?!

Meet Olivia and Fiona

Overwhelmed Olivia

Olivia gets 10 enquiries.

1 of these books Olivia.

That 1 paying customer is worth £1000.

Olivia has a conversion rate of 10%.

Olivia makes £1000 from her 10 enquiries.

Focussed Fiona

Fiona gets 10 enquiries.

9 of these book Fiona.

Those 9 paying customers are worth £1000 each.

Fiona has a conversion rate of 90%.

Fiona makes £9000 from her 10 enquiries.

Same number of enquiries.

Same amount of work.

£8000 more in the bank.

*spoiler, Fiona bought Automatic Sales Machine

What's included?

Automatic Sales Machine includes everything you need to confidently convert more of your wedding enquiries, making you more money (without making you more work!)


A masterclass that will teach you exactly why your enquiries aren’t converting to paying bookings. This will show you exactly why people are ghosting you.

Value £149.


A workbook that shows you my step-by-step guide to converting your enquiries and making more money.

Value £99.


My own personal email enquiry response templates that enables me to convert a whopping 95% of my enquiries. Simply add your own details and start using these emails today to send to your enquiries and increase your conversion rate.

Value £149.


A beautiful fully customisable brochure for you to add your details and start sending to clients right away.

Value £99.

And the best bit of news?

This whole course is yours for just £27!

(yep, you read that right - this £496 course is yours for £27 today)


“OH MY GOODNESS. When you buy something for £27, you're never quite sure whether it's going to be any good. BUT YES! Two bookings in two days (that's more than the last 3 months put together!!!! That's made me £3200. I can't believe it Faye. You're a genius!”

“Automatic Sales Machine has CHANGED THE GAME. Faye I'm so so so happy. 5 enquiries converted already using your system. You make it sound easy and it IS EASY.”

Spend less time replying to enquiries.

Experience less stress worrying about why people don't reply.

Make more money by following a simple plug-and-play system.

Stop missing out.

Hi, I'm Faye.

I'm a Business Coach to the wedding industry and I'm here to make your life easier.

I've worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years, originally starting from scratch with just a dream and an idea. I quickly built my wedding photography business into a business that could support not only me but my family too.

I've also helped hundreds of wedding business owners just like you to create the business and life they dream of.

I host a podcast called The Wedding Business Podcast, I've written a book called 'I Do' and I run a members club called The Wedding Business Club.

In short, I know our industry and I know what works. This system is proven to make your life easier, to convert more clients and make more money.

Does that sound interesting?

Suitable for everyone

Automatic Sales Machine doesn't require you to have any fancy email or design software. The templates can be used on any devise and the brochure is designed in which is free and incredibly easy to use.

Based on results

I've been booking weddings for nearly 12 years now and this system I share with you today is the exact same system that has enabled me to be fully booked every year. I share with you the exact templates I use to this day. And they work. My current conversion rate is a whopping 95%.

If you could double your conversion rate, what would that be worth to you?

(hint: if it's more than £27, you're going to want to get your hands on this!)

This easy to understand, easy to digest, plug-and-play system will get you converting more enquiries TODAY. And it's yours for just £27.

£496.00 £27.00

if you buy now