92% of small business owners attribute their success to their mindset[1]

Join my FREE 5 day coaching experience for creative business owners who want to go from tentatively dreaming to courageously growing their business.

20th - 24th September 2021 • 12PM daily


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It's time to stop dreaming and start winning.

This FREE coaching experience is the permission slip you've been looking for to say yes to everything you want in your life and your creative business.

If you're standing still in your business and can't figure out what you need to do to take things to the next level, this FREE experience is for you.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

I will be introducing you to my never-shared-before strategy called The Flow Method. This method has helped me go from struggling and underpaid creative to living a fulfilled, valued, courageous and free life. This method is built on the experience of coaching hundreds of people to achieve the sort of success you're looking for and in this coaching experience I'll be teaching it to you, for free!

Workshop #1

In workshop 1 (Monday 20th September 12pm UK time) we will be looking at how to cultivate a Fear-less mindset. I will talk to you about why zero-fear is a goal I would never strive for and will walk you through an oh-so powerful way of discovering what the next level of business growth looks like for you.

Workshop #2

There is a sure fire way of stunting your business development and that is by living in the past. In this session I will teach you exactly how to say goodbye for good to the wounds of the past. Plus I'll be facilitating a live flow breathwork session (totally for free!) Yes this really is not a workshop you will want to miss. (Tuesday 21st September 12pm UK time).

Workshop #3

If you've seen my work before you'll know I'm 50% spiritual 50% strategy. So whilst a lot of what we've talked about so far is around mindset, belief systems and thought processes, in workshop 3 we go deep into strategy and specifically exactly how to organise yourself. Wondering why nobody is booking you? I have the answer, come and find it on Wednesday 22nd September 12pm UK time.

Workshop #4

What's the point in running a business if you're not making money? Spoiler: there isn't one. Yep, I know that's going to rub for some of you but it's the truth. I see you working hard, I see you working those crazy long hours. If you're not seeing cash in the bank then something is not working. Let's fix that on Thursday 23rd September 12pm UK time.

Workshop #5

You wanna know the truth? This workshop is kind of more of a party :) (after the last 18 months I need no excuse!) Please come and join me for a big recap, big celebrations and of course a few surprises up my sleeve! Don't miss it - Friday 24th September at 12pm UK time.

About your host

I'm Faye and I'm a Business and Mindset Coach. I'm all about freedom. Freedom to dream big, freedom to give my time to the people I love without guilt, freedom to spend money on the things that I want without stress. I've built multiple successful businesses that harness my creativity, and allows me to work in a way that fits my lifestyle and my family. Come and see how far we can go together.

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20th - 24th September • 12PM daily