A self study course for creative business owners looking to super charge their Instagram game. Do you want to use Instagram to bring you more clients and make more money? If so, read on.

Do you love the idea of using Instagram but feel overwhelmed by it?

Do you find yourself wasting hours curating a beautiful feed and not actually getting any business?

Are you wondering whether Instagram is a platform that will actually enable you to build your business? 

Has the Instagram bubble burst...? 

You've been working away, posting regularly and interacting in every way you can... but you're just getting nothing in return?

Maybe you're starting to question whether Instagram is a tool that can get you results? 

Maybe you've stopped posting regularly because you're faith in this social media platform is dwindling?

I'm here to cut the overwhelm, create you a targeted approach and get you results. Fast. 

Would you like to know: 

- how to unlock secret Instagram tools which will help you become more visible? - how to use Instagram to attract your ideal clients? - how to convert your visitors into paying clients? - how to transform your Instagram feed into your number 1 marketing tool? - how to stop the overwhelm by being more productive in less time? - how to increase your follower/like/interaction numbers? - how to constantly attract leads and followers? - how to make money on Instagram without 'selling'?

How does this course work?

As soon as you enrol you have immediate access to all of the course material and you can choose exactly how quickly you go through the course. 

Included is:

- 5 in-depth self study modules.

- 5 workbooks.

- 5 educational videos.

- A bonus module with some extra goodies!

What will we cover?

Module 1

  • How to get started and the best way to be using Instagram.
  • How to use analytics to track your Instagram success.
  • Deep dive into understanding who your ideal client is and exactly how we find them on Instagram.

Module 2

  • Establish the best pictures to post to convert your ideal client.
  • Establish exactly how to write killer captions to attract your ideal client.
  • Understanding hashtags - how they work, which ones to use and create your very own strategy that works.

Module 3

  • Exactly how to plan your Instagram posts and the best software to use.
  • My personal planning guide for you to use to plan a whole month of content in 2 hours.
  • Secret Instagram shortcuts to help get you fully visible on other social media with no extra work.

Module 4

  • How and why you need to use Instagram stories.
  • How and why you need to be using IGTV.
  • Build a strategy to use these other areas of Instagram.

Module 5

  • The exact steps you need to take to turn your followers into paying clients.
  • Create a strategy to take people offline and into your inbox.
  • Additional bonus module!

Are you ready to start making money from Instagram? 

If so, join me and create your own Blueprint for success.


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