The Marketing Blueprint: A Marketing Plan To Double Your Profits 

The Marketing Blueprint reveals the most effective strategies, systems, tools and techniques you need to attract your dream clients. Use this Blueprint (which is based on 10 years of my experience marketing a wedding business!) to build a respected brand and consistently high monthly income.

* Are you confused about how to market your wedding business?  

* Do you even have a marketing plan?  

* Do you feel overwhelmed by all the elements of marketing you 'should' be doing but as a result aren't doing any of them well?

FACT: No business should be without a marketing plan. It's one of the Top 5 reasons businesses fail in the first 5 years.

Don't panic! If you don't have a marketing plan or you feel confused by the thought of putting one together let me tell you: 


As creatives we tend to follow our hearts in our businesses (which often means we leave some of the business stuff behind!)  

If this sounds like you then I HAVE A SOLUTION! I would like to introduce:  

'The Marketing Blueprint' 

* Imagine what it would be like to consistently book your ideal client * Imagine what it would be like to sell your top packages * Imagine what it would be like to work at those top venues

Here's the thing.... YOU CAN!

I'm Faye Cornhill and I'm a business coach to the wedding industry. I help creative entrepreneurs create profitable, successful businesses in the wedding industry.  

8 years ago I left the safety of my corporate job to follow my dream of being a wedding photographer.  

But before long I was disillusioned :(  

- Why was I struggling to book clients? - Where were my ideal clients? - How should I even market my business to find these people?

"I was overwhelmed and confused and so close to giving up."

It was then that I realised the only part of my business I had really ignored was my marketing. To be honest I wasn't even sure what marketing was and how to best market my wedding business.  

I had no plan. I had no goals. I had to act fast....  

So I spent the next 8 years mastering every single aspect of Marketing.  

I have now compiled this wealth of knowledge into one ebook......


This powerful 40 Page ebook is for you if:  

* You know that you should be marketing your business but don't know how or where to start  

* You want to create a business that gives you freedom so you're not constantly chasing clients  

* You're a committed and dedicated creative entrepreneur who wants your business to be a success  

* You have ideas but you need focus and direction to make it work  

"Faye this guide has literally changed my life. I feel like I have purpose and direction, I feel supported and I feel confident to take my business to the next level. I'm so grateful for your guide. I will read it time and time again!"

Kate Logan - Wedding Photographer

"Alleluia! Thank you! Wow. You have completely de-mystified marketing. I feel like a great weight has been lifted. I can now market my business with purpose and know that your systems are working behind the scenes while I am out doing what I love on a wedding day."

Sally Shaw - Wedding Florist

Grab Your Copy Of 'The Marketing Blueprint' NOW!  

This guide usually reteails for £99 but I want to offer this to you for a fraction of the price: 

just £19!

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The Marketing Blueprint
The Marketing Blueprint

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